Fastest UpCloud Alternatives & Competitors to host your Applications

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UpCloud is a developer-friendly cloud hosting company that offers top solutions for businesses and individuals that need to be able to customize their hosting to fit their needs. UpCloud offers cloud servers, block storage, and software-defined networking.


UpCloud is a cloud hosting company that’s faster than SSD cloud servers with simple and powerful control panels and API that allows users to spend more time on coding than managing cloud infrastructure. All the cloud servers are deployed on enterprise-grade hardware.long with in-house developed software and proprietary MaxIOPS storage technology, users can get the best performance at all times. Cloud servers are deployed in less than 45 seconds with fast boot times, allowing systems to run within minutes. With easy and flexible scaling, users can deploy using simple plans or even configure each resource independently as well. Users can also take advantage of their 100% private network that is interconnected between all UpCloud’s data centers.

Top Alternatives & Competitors to UpCloud


Linode is a cloud hosting provider that focuses on providing Linux powered virtual machines to support a wide range of applications. Given its roots, many experts do not see it as a beginner-friendly. Linode server location are optimized for serving a global audience in terms of reducing latency and improving UX. Linode prides itself in three key areas. The ingredients of simplicity, power, and reliability are a recipe for success. And it can be used to help businesses at all stages of their respective journeys.

  • Virtual console for server access
  • Command-line access
  • DNS manager
  • Scaling and cloning
  • 2

    Vultr provides high-performance SSD cloud servers that boast a global footprint. It aims to create the most reliable and efficient service for launching a blazing fast SSD cloud server. Vultr offers 100% solid-state drives (SSD) using the latest generation Intel CPUs on a feature-rich control panel. You can choose between 14 low latency locations around the world and you get your cloud server instance spun up in 60 seconds.

  • Storage Limits
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Security Tools
  • Email Hosting
  • 3

    SkySilk is a cloud services provider which offers simple, scalable cloud computing solutions in an infrastructure for all nature of small to mid-sized businesses. Since their launch of beta testing in early 2017, SkySilk has become home to more than 20,000 newly deployed VPSs. Utilizing this beta period, SkySilk was able to mitigate any potential bugs, security issues, and implement new features before their September 1st launch.With a cost-effective approach, SkySilk makes sure that every customer will be provided with easy 1-click deployments, full support, and pricing that can fit within any budget be it small or large.

  • Manual backups
  • Replicated SSD storage
  • Up to unlimited transfer
  • Affordable VPS
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    DigitalOcean is a cloud-based infrastructure provider that gives developers a reliable and easy to use virtual servers and object storage. The size of your business doesn’t matter either. As the company states, it doesn’t matter if you are running one virtual machine or ten thousand – the products works seamlessly across each of your sectors and remains simple for any of your employees to use. It doesn’t take a front and centre position either, it stays out of the way so that your team can get to work on the cloud applications that are most important, and in a faster and more efficient manner.

  • CMS Support
  • Database Support
  • Web Framework Support
  • File Management
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    Kamatera Cloud Servers provides businesses and users of any type and size with a virtual server service that delivers limitless scalability, reliable performance, and unhindered availability at a cost-effective price. This cloud-based product caters to all sorts of users, thus designed for a broad selection of computing-related purposes. With Kamatera, server capacity can be increased or decreased in minutes. Hardware components such as CPU, RAM, disk storage, load balancers, firewalls and much more, can be added or taken away instantly, simply by logging into the cloud management console and clicking on the desired option. You can even launch a brand new cloud server from a copy of your existing server, effectively cloning your original server – to the same data center, or to another location.

  • Database Servers
  • Virtual Machine Monitoring
  • Scheduling
  • Encryption
  • 6

    Netrepid provides colocation, infrastructure and application hosting services that work side by side with a large variety of industries including healthcare, financial, education, transportation and government to accelerate their technology evolution from the ground to the cloud. No matter the size of your operations, you can still function with the ease and efficiency of a business twice your size with our infrastructure hosting. You pay for only the resources you use, which makes this an affordable and scalable solution for businesses of any size

  • Control Panel Integration
  • Web Framework Support
  • File Management
  • Security Tools
  • 7

    OVHcloud is a global provider of hyperscale cloud, which offers businesses a benchmark for value and performance in the sector. OVHcloud provides simple, powerful tools for businesses, revolutionising the way that more than 1.5 million customers work across the globe. Respect for individuals’ right to privacy and equal access to new technologies is central to the company’s values.It is an excellent software that maintains storage functions registered to the network as a main tool, in order to acquire significant confidence in large proportions

  • Reseller Hosting
  • Web Framework Support
  • Bandwidth Allowance
  • Control Panel Integration
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    Hostwinds is a web hosting company formed with the purpose of providing businesses with a set of low-priced yet great hosting products in a very saturated market.

    Hostwinds is a customer-centered hosting company that combines great and excellent features for prices that won’t break the bank. On top of their awesome hosting solutions, Hostwinds is also known for their top class customer support. Hostwinds guarantees a 99.999% uptime because it has a redundant A/B power. The company also reports a satisfaction rate of 100%, which is the strongest proof of their excellent performance. They offer shared, reseller, Linux VPS, and dedicated hosting; but have also tailored a business-exclusive package with premium speed and reliability.

  • Easy to use
  • Content Management System
  • Developer Friendly
  • Hosting Management
  • 9

    cPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based control panels for web hosting accounts. It lets you conveniently manage all services in a single place. cPanel is the industry standard and most web developers are well acquainted with it. Intuitive and easy to use, cPanel empowers you to manage a web hosting account with maximum efficiency. Whether that’s creating new FTP users and email addresses or monitoring resources, creating subdomains, and installing software.

  • Manage FTP accounts
  • Add multiple domains
  • Strong Database support
  • Secure your website with cloudflare
  • 10

    Plesk control panel is web hosting control panel software, like cPanel, that lets you easily manage your web hosting account through a web-based interface. Plesk allows you manage thousands of virtual hosts on a single machine. You can use Plesk control panel with Shared, VPS or even Dedicated hosting. Plesk control panel automates many tasks that allow web hosts to reduce operating costs and resources while at the same time increasing profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Application Deployment
  • Hosting Management
  • Database
  • Infrastructure