Competitors & Alternatives to LimeProxies for Best Residential Proxies

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LimeProxies offer services designed for classified ads, ticketing, gaming and more .Customers can expect dedicated IPs and on-demand switching of proxy IP address of up to 25 at a time in 8+ US locations and 30 countries around the world.


LimeProxies guarantee 99.9% network uptime, blistering speed of 1 GBPS and a fast-response time to technical issues. The common features are Clean IP Address, Multiple Locations, Instant IP/Location Switching, Private and Shared Proxies 1GB Speed, Simultaneous Usage, Highly Anonymous, Works with any SEO Tool ,IP and Username Authentication, Multiple Subnets, New Proxies Available. LimeProxies support Socks5 while limit using their proxies in Xrumer, Scrapebox, mass mailing and online scam and fraud.

Top Alternatives & Competitors to LimeProxies


Luminati is the largest, most advanced ethical proxy service available consisting of four separate networks with IPs available in every country and city across the globe. proxies are offered in multiple IP types including shared and exclusive proxies in the majority of locations across the globe with country and city targeting.

  • Pricing
  • Residential IPs
  • Mobile proxy IPs
  • Unlimited Datacenter IPs
  • 2

    ProxyRack does not offer doesn’t offer a trial period, but they do have a 14-day refund policy which provides more than enough time to test out if their proxies will work for you. It also offers the residential VPN. Proxy has two ways of authenticating with IP whitelist and username and password combination.

  • IP Whitelist
  • Reliability
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Multiple authentication methods
  • 3

    NetNut is  the fastest residential proxy network and  can unlock the web. NetNut’s has unique ability to provide residential proxies with one hop connectivity. It guarantees the quality of its service, as all servers are located on major internet routes or at ISP network connectivity points that are completely controlled by NetNut.

  • Static Residential IP
  • Rotating Proxies
  • Dedicated Private Pools
  • API for Stats
  • 4

    AirProxy is one of the best mobile proxy. They focused on providing Instagram proxies. They do not use VPS as the gateway server. Instead, they use dedicated symmetrical fiber to the home. They use one modem for each sim card to get mobile IPs for max performances.So their cost gets much higher than others but get the most trust for Instagram automation.

  • Clean IPs
  • Automatic IP change
  • Instant Delivery
  • Unlimited Data
  • 5

    Multilogin is a solution designed for affiliate marketers, e-commerce and web automation professionals to conveniently manage multiple online accounts and eliminate the need of using multiple computers, setting up virtual machines, or portable browsers. All cookies and browser history can be saved in Multilogin cloud and ensures extra security level. Nobody will get access to your account unless they know your password.

  • Separated browsing environments
  • Browser fingerprinting protection
  • Easy browser automation
  • Business workflow automation
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    Oxylabs is a Reliable data gathering solutions for your business. Can Crawl websites with high-reliability and full scraping freedom as Oxylabs residential proxies offer 93.3% success rates, This saves your time and resources with a data collection tool that has a 100% success rate and does all the heavy-duty data extraction from e-commerce websites and search engines for you. Focus on data analysis and make sure that IP proxy resources are stable and reliable, so that no issues occur during scraping jobs

  • Large IP pool
  • Real time crawler
  • Residential Proxy API
  • Quick and easy integration
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    A proxy server act as a  gateway between users and the internet.A server, referred as an “intermediary” because it goes between end-users and the web pages they visit online. When a computer connects to the internet, it uses an IP address. This is similar to your home’s street address, telling incoming data where to go and marking outgoing data with a return address for other devices to authenticate. A proxy server is essentially a computer on the internet that has an IP address of its own.

  • Better network performance
  • Monitor and log all web requests
  • Block specific domains
  • Secure and private
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    Smart Proxy can automatically enable/disable proxy for the sites you visit, based on customizable patterns.  With SmartProxy you dont have  to change your proxy manually or turn it on and off. All you have to do is to change the settings that you want to enable proxy for your desired website with just one click. After that, whenever you visit that specific website, it will act and all your data for that website will be transferred without doing anything.

  • Easy to Operate
  • No Recurring Cost
  • Acts as Firewall
  • VIP Users List
  • 9

    There are many reasons why Smartproxy is so good -Millions of residential proxies in any country and major city around the globe.
    you can name any tool you use and they have a guide. In case you came across any trouble, you only need to get GitHub to get everything you need. For pro proxy users this is the best API.
    A vast residential IP address network for data access and offers unlimited concurrent connections.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Inexpensive
  • Specialized plans
  • Session Control
  • 10

    Scrapinghub practice exclusively in data extraction. Thei products empower to extract data quickly and effectively using open source technologies. This platform is used to scrape over 3 billion web pages a month and provide clients with a cloud-based web crawling platform that lets you scale your crawlers, a smart downloader to work around bot countermeasures, turn-key web scraping services, and off-the-shelf datasets so you can get data hassle-free.

  • Email Address Extraction
  • Document Extraction
  • Web Data Extraction
  • IP Address Extraction